Artistic CV

Claudette was born in province of Quebec, Canada. Ever since she was a child her dreams were filled with forms and colours. A weekend storm and a college friend were instrumental in the revelation that painting would be her vocation. An artist was born.
Pursuing a career in management from 1977 to 1998 at École Polytechnique, University of Montreal, did not deter her from her dream.
In 1984, she joins a group of artists who follow the influence and teachings of Frère Jérôme’s gestural painting workshops. Claudette Poirier has found her artistic voice. Since 1999, she has been totally and passionately dedicated to her work in her studio.
It was a stormy day, a friend of mine introduced me to painting and ever since that day I have been bewitched. From that moment it was impossible for me to escape its grasp. My never ending quest for the truth, lead me to a group of artists working towards the ideology of Brother Jérôme back in 1984.
From Brother Jérôme’s teaching, I retained the gestural approach. My canvas is a place of exploration and acrylic my medium of choice. To avoid repetitive and automatic movements from one painting to another, I use an extensive palette and a wide variety of canvas sizes. Letting my creative instinct take over me, I look for the element that brings the painting to life, its focal point. From all these random elements present on the canvas a story emerges and comes to life.
Since my visit in 2002 to Montserrat, where I was strongly impressed by the rock formations, I witnessed the birth of stone characters on my canvas. I sculpt their gestures and expressions to tell a story, mine, theirs, or perhaps yours. Each of these paintings is the vehicle and the fabric of my passions and concerns.
Oils, acrylics, mixed medium and pastels;
2017 Design and production of a 5′ 7 ” sculpture, “Eugénia”, during Janick Ericksen’s artist residency in Coaticook, in July;
2016 Coaticook Artist’s Residency, project: Métier d’art, peinture et littérature, from July 21 to November 3;
2015, 2013 Writing workshop, Francine Ruel, 40 hours;
2014 The late works of the great painters, Maryse Chevrette, UTA;
2013 Significance and hidden meanings of the work of art, Maryse Chevrette, UTA, February 6 to April 10;
2012 Classe “Autopsies of masterpieces”, Maryse Chevrette, UTA, 30 hours;
2011 Techniques of use of Golden products;
2008 Workshop, Artist’s books, Muriel Faille, 4 days;
2008 Workshop, Exploration and creativity of mixed medium, Diane St-Georges, 2 days;
2008 Improved workshop, creativity of mixed medium, Louise Lachance-Legault  & Diane St-Georges, 40 hours;
2007 C.M.C.C., Artist promoting and distributing her art , 30 hours;
2002 C.M.C.C., Course on Artist Career Management, 30 hours;
2002 Exhibition preparation, 14 hours;
2000-99 AAPARS, Figure Drawing, 45 hours;
1991-84 R. Dubuc Atelier du Geste (Gesture Workshop), Montreal, approx. 90 hrs/year;
1966-65 Claire Aucoin, Cultural Centre, Châteauguay;
2015 3rd prize Off-theme, AVR;
2011 Tribute by Carole Freeman, Member of Parliament, Ottawa;
2010 March 8, Women’s Day, President’s Salon, House of Commons;
1996 13th contest “C.A.P.S.Q.”, “Le Journal de Zlata”;
1996 “Symposium Port-au-Persil”, “Déluge à l’Anse Saint-Jean”;
1954 Citizens Committee, Beauharnois, Quebec, Canada;
From 1985 to now, my works have been seen in Montreal and its surroundings as well as internationally. I exhibited during Symposium in Quebec. I have exhibited with the members of the Atelier du Geste, the painters of Nun’s Island, the Cercle des Artistes peintres et sculpteurs du Québec (CAPSQ) and the Association des Artistes Peintres Affiliés de la Rive-Sud (AAPARS), Artishow, Arts visuels Roussillon (AVR) and Prism’Art. I did my first solo in 1989, followed by several others in Montreal and its surroundings.
2018 Monastir, Monastir Cultural Complex, Tunisia, June 28;
2011 Cannes, Palais des Festivals, Artists of the World, July 18-24;
2011 Vittel, Art’East, France, 29th International Exhibition of Painting and Sculpture, July 9-18;
2011 New York, Ward-Nasse Gallery, May;
2010 Carrousel du Louvre, SNBA Société Nationale des Beaux-Arts, Canadian Delegation, Paris;
2005 International Artist Exhibit exchange: Limoges, Tulles, Guéret, France, Europe;
2005 Art&Miss gallery, Paris, “Printemps québécois, 2e édition”, France, Europe;
2002 Galeria de arte SALA BARNA – Barcelone, Espagne, Europe;
2016 Artist’s residency, October 28-30, 2016;
2015 Galerie La Seigneurie, Châteauguay Cultural Center, July 2-30;
2014 “;Jamais je n’oublierai….”; Circle of poets from Montérégie;
2012 Vaisseau d’Or Library, Saint-Philippe, December 5-20;
2010 St. Pierre Center, Montreal, December;
2010 House of Commons on Parliament Hill, “In celebration of International Women’s Day””, Ottawa, Canada;
2009 L’Éclaircie, Mural “I will never forget December 6, 1989”, La Prairie, Quebec, Canada;
2009 April, Galerie l’Espace contemporain, Le 313 rue Saint-Jean, Quebec, Canada;
2008 November, Galery Vand’art, 5800 Grande-Allée, St-Hubert, Quebec, Canada;
2007 Maison Trestler, “La magie de l’essentiel”, April to end of June, Vaudreuil-Dorion, Quebec, Canada;
2007 Galerie Horizon, “Écho de Montserrat”, March & April, Sorel-Tracy,  Quebec, Canada;
2006 Galerie Vincent D’Indy, “Sous forme de rocher la vie”, end of October & November, Multifunction Center, Boucherville, Quebec, Canada;
2003 Galerie de L’Isle, Cultural Center “Le Chenail”,  “Les conquérants de pierre”, July & August, Hawkesbury, Ontario, Canada;
2000 Pavillon des Arts de Ste-Adèle, “Moments de félicité”, Ste-Adèle, Quebec, Canada;
2000-90 Manager’s Lounge,  Polytechnique,  Montréal, Quebec, Canada;
1989 1st exhibition, Professor’s Lounge, Polytechnique, Montréal, Quebec, Canada;
2018 Expo Concours, Guy-Dupré Multifunctional Center, La Prairie, November 9-14;
2018 Fall Salon, Homage to Global Refusal in 150 variations, Mont-Saint-Hilaire Museum of Fine Arts, October 27 to November 25;
2018 Brossard Visual Arts Show, textile sculptures exhibition, from April 27 to 29;
2018 Expo Small sizes – big heart, Center multifunctional Guy-Dupré, La Prairie, March 22 to April 15;
2017 Expo, Small sizes, Maison Melançon, Candiac, Nov. 19 to Dec. 10;
2017 Expo Small sizes big heart, Center multifunctional Guy-Dupré, La Prairie;
2017 Permanent Expo Sentier des arts, Guy-Dupré Multifunctional Center, La Prairie;
2017 Expo, Dosha Gallery, Beloeil, theme: Au Pluriel, March 8-19;
2016 Expo Contest, Saint-Laurent Complex, La Prairie, November 11 to 16;
2015 Exhibition Fall Home Living, Olympic Park, Montreal, October 22-25;
2015 Prism’Art exhibition, Galerie Dasha, Beloeil, theme “Mouvement” Sep 30-Oct 11;
2015 Exhibition 40th Anniversary Heritage Site of La Prairie, Prism’Art Group, August 29-30;
2015 Exhibition 6/6 AVR, Carte Blanche Gallery, Montreal, June 1-28;
2015 Prism’Art Group Exhibition, Saint-Laurent Complex, La Prairie, April 9 – May 16;
2015 AVR Contest Exhibition, theme: “sur les traces de…”, March 27, 28, 29;
2014 Maison Félix Leclerc exhibition, Vaudreuil, September 27;
2014 Exhibition Gallery mp tresart, “Quand la poésie épouse l’art – Illusion décolorée”;
2014 Edition mp tresart, publication of the works “Urbaines” and “S’évanouissent les ténèbres”;
2014-13 Expo-contest La Prairie, November 15-21;
2013 Symposium Plaines Couleurs, August 23, 24, 25, Quebec;
2013-12 Brossard Visual Arts Show, April 26 to 28, Ville de Brossard;
2012 Exhibition Gallery Contemporary Space, Montreal, July 17 to 22;
2011 Exhibition, City of La Prairie, November 18-24;
2011-10 In the heart of Saint-Siméon Arts, August 5, 6 and 7;
2011 EXPORAIL Anniversary, Saint-Constant, July 24-25-26, 175th anniversary of the first Canadian public train;
2011 June 13, Field Mountain, Mount Royal Cemetery, Outremont;
2010 “Mille mots en images”, “A thousand words and pictures”, artists & poets exhibit exchange, Art cultural Center, St-Constant Quebec, Canada;
2010 “Montreal champêtre”, Côte-des-Neiges cimetery, Outremont, Montréal, Quebec, Canada;
2010 May 20, Fundraiser, Axiome Art Center, Exporail, Saint-Constant;
2010 Renée-Blain Gallery, theme “Sphere of influence”, Arts visuels Roussillon, Brossard, Quebec, Canada;
2007-06 Group: “Rencontre des Arts”, Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieur, 17th edition, Quebec, Canada;
2007 Technopole Angus, Montréal, Conseil des Arts du Quebec, Quebec, Canada;
2006 “Salon des Arts visuels”, Brossard, Quebec, Canada;
2004 AutomnArt, Complexe Desjardins, Montréal, Quebec, Canada;
2004 Contest Exhibition “L’art pour tous”, “Le paysage réinventé”, Mont-Saint-Hilaire Art Museum, Quebec, Canada;
2003-02 Symposium Artishow d’automne, 1000 de la Gauchetière, Montréal, Quebec, Canada;
2003-01 Symposium Festiv’Art , Frelighsburg, Quebec, Canada;
2002 Festival des Arts du Village, Montréal, Quebec, Canada;
N.B.: Complete list of exhibitions on request.
2010-07 Contest exhibition, Arts Visuels Roussillon, St-Constant, Quebec, Canada;
2010-06 Christmas Exhibition, Centre culturel Denis-Lord, St-Constant, Quebec, Canada;
2010-05 Art Show, Au cœur des Arts de Saint-Siméon, Quebec, Canada;
2005 Galerie In Vivo, Montreal, Quebec, Canada;
2003-99 AAPARS, annuel exhibition, St-Bruno, Quebec, Canada;
Workshop of the artist, Delson (Quebec);
Galerie Vand’Art, 5800 Grande Allée, St-Hubert (Quebec), April 2008-2015;
Maison Richelieu, St-Marc-sur-Richelieu (Quebec), June 2005-2012;
Artothèque, Montreal (Quebec), August 2004-2007;
Atelier MichL Gallery, Baie-Saint-Paul (Quebec), Dec. 2003-2007;
Vanier Gallery, Beloeil (Quebec), 2002-2004;
V.I.P. Center, 1000 de la Gauchetière, Montreal (Quebec), 2001-2003;
Small Gallery at Baie St-Paul Bay Art Center, Baie-Saint-Paul (Quebec), 1998-2002;
Polytechnique Executive Show, Montreal (Quebec), 1992-1998;
Nicole Deschênes Gallery, Port-au-Persil, Charlevoix (Quebec), 1996-1999;
Galerie Denise Goulet-Raymond, Orford (Quebec), 1995.
Delson City
Caisse Populaire Desjardins, Mercier city;
Groupe Investors;
Loggia II and Loggia on the lake, Nuns Island, Verdun, Quebec, Canada;
Polytechnique, University of Montreal;
Charles Sirois, offered by Polytechnique.
2018-11 Cercle des poètes de la Montérégie;
2018-11 Ward-Nasse Gallery, New-York;
2018-07 Arts Visuels Roussillon, dissolved in November 2018;
2018-02 Culture Montérégie, formerly (CMCC);
2018-01 RAAV, professional artist;
2012-11 Com2Art, International Association;
2009-96 AAPARS, Association artistes peintres affiliés de la Rive-Sud.
2018-15 Member of the CA, Vice President, Acting President, AVR;
2014-12 Director and collaborator, AVR;
2012-09 President, AVR;
2008 Vice President, AVR;
2007 Director, AVR;
2003-99 Artishow Group, I cumulated the position of founding member, administrative secretary and treasurer;
2000-99 Secretary of the Association of South Shore Affiliated Painters (AAPARS).
2018 International Festival of Visual Arts of Monastir, Tunisia, realization of “La femme tunisienne” visual work and poem and “Ce jour”, June 18 to 28;
2018 Traveling exhibition of the work “Filles à marier”, lectures by Stéphane Tremblay, Candiac, Châteauguay;
2017 Realization of a textile sculpture (paverpol) of 5′ 7”;
2017 Sentiers des arts, Guy-Dupré Sociocultural Center, September 29;
2017 Work “Filles à marier” integrated in the book of Stéphane Tremblay on the founding families of La Prairie, Multifunctional Center Guy-Dupré, Nov. 26
2017 Erstwhile Weekends, La Prairie, November 8.9 and 10 ; and traveling exhibitions;
2015 Conference at the Châteauguay artists’ group during my solo exhibition at the Galerie La Seigneurie at the Vanier Cultural Center;
2014 Mille mots en images, Poissant & Fils Chapel, St-Constant, recital and publication of the Collection of Poetry “Nature impétueuse” ISBN 978-29811366-4-0, September 28;
2014 Mille mots en images – Plaisirs éphémères, St-Constant Library, ISBN 978-29811366-3-3, February 12;
2013 Conception and realization of the Artists Directory of Arts visuels Roussillon;
2013-12 Member of the Committee for the implementation of a “Cultural Policy”, St-Constant”, and publication of the report on the history (10 years) of Arts visual Roussillon;
2012 Organization of “Rendez-vous poétique AVR” September 26, St-Constant;
2011 Mille mots en images – Contes et légendes – Le beau danseur, Journées de la Culture; September 30, Poissant & Son Chapel, St-Constant;
2011 Painting night, 10th anniversary AVR, Denis-Lord Cultural Center, St-Constant, realization of the collective “Effervescence”, October 15;
2011 AVR Spring Exhibition, “Contes et légendes – Le beau danseur”, Exporail, St-Constant;
2011 Member of the Circle of Poets of the Montérégie;
2011-09 Artfest, Poetry evening, “Harpe et poésie”, Saint-Basile-le-Grand, Quebec, Canada;
2010 Mille mots en images – Réflection, September 23, Claude-Hébert Cultural Center, Saint-Constant;
2010-09 Conception and realization of the project of Calendar of the laureates of the exhibition Arts visuels Roussillon;
2010-09 Poetry artfest, “Images et poésie” Maison Melançon, Candiac, Quebec, Canada;
2010-08 “Mille mots en images” project, organization of the event, conception and production of the collection of poetry, Saint-Constant City Hall (2008) and Claude-Hébert Cultural Center (2009), Arts visuels Roussillon;
2010-08 Artfest, Journées de la Culture, “Poetry evening”, St-Constant, Quebec, Canada;
2009 Artist’s show & conference, Centre culturel, Saint-Hyacinthe, Quebec, Canada;
2008 April 11, interview, Radio CHOC-FM, subject: Art exhibition contest of spring, theme Fluidity, St-Rémi, Quebec, Canada;
2008 April, interview, Radio CHOC-FM, subject: my carreer as a peinter;
2005-04 Gesture workshop, Multifunctional Center of Boucherville;
2003-99 Secretary of the C.A. of the Association des Artistes Peintres Affiliés de la Rive-Sud (AAPARS);
2002 Design brooches inscribed as “Reconnaissance” (recognition for years service) which will be given to women’s Polytechnique (University of Montreal) after 20,25 and 30 years of service;
2002 Member of the Selection Jury for the Symposium “Une Époque en Art 2002” of St-Basile-Le-Grand;
2002 Active participation in the organisation of an Artfest Artishow!, in collaboration with the “Festival des Arts du Village de  Montréal”, Quebec, Canada;
2001-00 Active participation in the incorporation of Artishow!Foundation.  As a member of Artishow ! Group, I also organized an Artfest, for the benefit of “Le Chaînon”, 1000 de la Gauchetière, Montreal, Quebec, Canada;
2000 “Vin d’Arts”, Chamber of Commerce, St-Bruno;
2000-99 Founding member and active participation in the incorporation of the Artishow Group;
2000-99 Collective projects initiated by “Open City Productions 2002”; Mural, 40th anniversary of the “Declaration of The Rights of Children” (The Great Canadian Millennium Wall); Mural, The 10th anniversary of the “Convention of The Rights of Children” (The Great Mural of Rights); Design of a mural collectively realized to commemorate the 10th anniversary of the death of the victims of Polytechnique, university of Montreal “Jamais je n’oublierai” (I’ll never forget);
1999 T.V. “Cap sur Charlevoix”;
1994-91 Animator, Gesture Painting Workshops;
2011 Jury member, for the exhibition of Candiac artists, Maison Melançon;
2007 Member of the examining board for the contest ACADÉMIA XXI;
2002 Member of the admission board for the Artfest  “Une Époque en Art” de St-Basile-Le-Grand, Quebec, Canada;
2015 Mille mots en images collection – edition “Sur les traces de…”, 3 visual works, 3 poems; ISBN 978-2-9811366-5-7;
2015 Poetic Biography “Montserrat – initiateur de changements”, Éditions Belle Feuille; July; ISBN 978-2-924530-29-0;
2015-02 Agenda “Plumes et Pinceaux”, 2013- ISBN 7-93573 13025 9; 2014-ISBN 978-2-9813660-0-9;
2014 Mille mots en image collection – edition “Impétueuse nature”, 2 visual works, 2 poems; ISBN 978-29811366-4-0;
2014 Published by mp tresart, Collection “Quand la poésie épouse l’Art, Illusion décolorée”, works entitled “Urbaines” and “S’évanouissent les ténèbres” ISBN 978-2-9816879-2-4;
2014 Mille mots en images – Édition “Plaisirs éphémères”, February 12, ISBN 978-29811366-3-3;
2013 Poetry Collection “La traversée”, Cercle des poètes de la Montérégie, ISBN 978-2-9813346-1-9, September 29;
2013 Collection “Les vitraux de l’église Saint-Constant”, poems, September 29;
2013 2014-2015 Calendar, Visual Arts Roussillon, September 29;
2011 Mille mots en image collection – edition “Contes et légendes”, ISBN 978-2-9811366-2-6;
2010 SNBA Catalog, Carrousel du Louvre, Paris, France, p. 27;
2010 Collection of poems & images, “Mille mots en images – Réflexion”, # ISBN 978-2-9811366-1-9;
2010 Artist directory, Guide de Roussan, page 98;
2010-09 Artist directory, Répertoire biennal Magazin’Art, p.508;
2009 Collection of poems & images, “Mille mots en images – Quartz”, # ISBN 978-2-9811366-0-2;
2005 Catalogue Galerie Art’& Miss, Paris, France;
2005-04 Artist directory, Répertoire biennal, Magazin’Art, p. 624
2005-04 Catalogue Atelier MichL vol 2
2002 ANO GAUDI QUEBEC IN BARCELONA, Book of the exhibition, Sala Barna, Barcelona, September 2002;
2002 Magazin’Art, autumn 2002, no.57, Barcelona, “Des fleurs qui font faire du chemin”;
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Artist’s Workshop, St-Constant, Quebec, Canada;