Literary CV

Self-taught Claudette Poirier painter and Eugénia poet, one and the same person, everything is pretext to tell a story, whether visual or literary. In 1985, 1986 and 1989, I saw live dramatic events, the sudden death of my boss at the office, followed the following year that of my husband at 46 years and finally the killing at Polytechnique. These tragic events, at short intervals, shake me up. The psychologist I see following the carnage, advises me to write the emotions that choke me. That’s when this adventure in literature begins. In 2008, then president of the group of artists Arts visuels Roussillon (AVR), I create, the event “Mille mots en images” which gathers the time of an evening, artists in visual arts and poets of the Montérégie as well as performing artists. AVR has repeated the event several times since. I consider myself a painter, but literature is never far behind. If “a picture is worth a thousand words” the image does not represent the same thing for everyone, any more than the words have the same resonance in themselves. Our experience greatly influences our perception. This is what I wanted to demonstrate by creating the event “Mille mots en images”. In 2011, I join the Cercle des poètes de la Montérégie. In 2015, I realize another dream, to put on paper, the intense experience and out of the ordinary, lived in Montserrat. I was in Barcelona for a group show. As a result of chance, this stage of my trip is a major factor of change in my life and I wanted to testify about it. The book “Montserrat, initiateur de changements” was born from the reflection that followed. More recently, in June 2018, I had the pleasure of participating in the International Festival of Plastic Arts of Monastir in Tunisia where I created a visual work with a poem on “the Tunisian woman”. To my surprise, this poem ended up in the Governor’s office. We never know where words can lead us.
I have always loved words, the vehicle of my emotions, a music of the soul. The words challenge me, bring me elsewhere, make me dream. One word and my imagination is on the way. Where does my source of inspiration come from? Sometimes a visual artwork, sometimes a verse from someone else, sometimes random words pointed in the dictionary or elsewhere, sometimes subjects imposed in the context of a workshop. Often an event lived intensely. The News are also involved. The procedure does not matter. On the other hand, the emotion that emerges from the text is very important to me and represents “the essential”. The text must absolutely return the emotion that inhabits me.

I sign my poems Eugenia to dissociate my painted works from my writings. Also to pay tribute to the two most important women of my life, my mother Eugenie who showed me perseverance and resilience as well as my grandmother Exilda who passed on to me her passion for the arts and the taste for writing. An amalgam of these two names with emotional resonance.

2018 Les Résidences Richeloises, McMasterville, poem “Les naufragés oubliés”, October 21;
2018 Harp and poetry, City of Saint-Basile-le-Grand, poems: “L’œuvre de Chagall” and “Vivre au temps présent”, April 27;
2017 Houses SNJM Longueuil, “Je suis un jardin”, January;
2016 Mayor of Carignan, The Cercle des poètes de la Montérégie celebrates Quebec on June 17;
2016 Harp and poetry, City of Saint-Basile-le-Grand, poem: “Happiness”, April 29;
2016 Brossard Library “Kasala”, poem: “I am a garden”, March;
2016 Houses SNJM Longueuil, poem: “La lumière des mots”, January;
2015 Collection of artworks and poems: “Mille mots en images – Sur les traces de…” [“A thousand word in images – In the footsteps of…”];
2015 “La liberté” [“Freedom”], Fall exhibition, Musée des beaux-arts de Mont-Saint‑Hilaire, October 18;
2015 “Je brûle de 10 millions d’étoiles” [“I burn with the fire of 10 million stars”], Résidence Cartier, St-Hilaire, for the celebration of St. John the Baptist, June 26;
2015 “Je brûle de 10 millions d’étoiles” [“I burn with the fire of 10 million stars”], Carignan, June 19;
2015 “La traversée des mots” [“Crossing of the words”], Résidence Richeloise de McMasterville, June 7;
2015 “Harp and poetry”, Saint-Basile-le-Grand, April 24;
2015 “La poésie, un pont entre nous” [“Poetry, a bridge between us”], Musée des beaux-arts de Mont-Saint‑Hilaire, March 22;
2015 “La traversée des mots” [“Crossing of the words”], Bibliothèque de Beloeil, March 8;
2015 “La lumière au bout des mots” [“The light at the end of words”], Maison des SNJM, Longueuil, January 11;
2015-09 “Harp and poetry” evening, Centre civique Bernard-Gagnon, Saint-Basile-le-Grand, unique collection deposited at the library, April;
2014 Maison des SNJM, Longueuil, January 5;
2014 “Sur les traces d’Ozias Leduc” [“In the footsteps of Ozias Leduc”], November 23;
2013 “La mémoire de l’eau” [“The memory of water”], Musée Saint-Hilaire, October 27;
2013 “L’habitant du pays actuel” [“The inhabitant of the current country”], Carignan, June 20;
2013 “Le Québec en nous, d’hier à demain” [“The Quebec in us, from yesterday to tomorrow”], Carignan, June 21;
2013 “Les vitraux de l’église de Saint-Constant” [“The stained glass windows of St-Constant’s church”], poems entitled “La croix du chemin” and “Ta présence” [“The cross of the way” and “Your presence”];
2012 “Rendez-vous poétique” [“Poetic rendezvous”], Poissant et Fils Chapel, St-Constant;
2012 “L’encre bleue” poetry contest [“Blue ink”], Cavalère-sur-Mer, France; poem entitled “Rêverie”;
2012 “Soirée des Poètes de la Montérégie” [“Evening of the poets from the Montérégie”], theme: “Love”, Bibliothèque de Saint-Philippe-de-Laprairie, February 14;
2011 “L’encre bleue” poetry contest [“Blue ink”], Cavalère-sur-Mer, France, poem entitled “La musique des anges” [“The angels’ music”];
2011 “Harp and poetry” evening, Centre civique Bernard-Gagnon, Saint-Basile-le-Grand, unique collection deposited at the library, April 29;
2011 “Mille mots en images” [“A thousand word in images”], Poissant et Fils Chapel, St-Constant;
2011 “Images et Poésie” [“Images and Poetry”], Maison Melançon, Candiac;
2010 “Harp and poetry” evening, Centre civique Bernard-Gagnon, Saint-Basile-le-Grand; unique collection deposited at the library, end of April;
2010 “Mille mots en images” [“A thousand words in images”], Centre culturel Claude-Hébert, St-Constant;
2010 “Images et Poésie” [“Images and Poetry”], Maison Melançon, Candiac;
2009 Celebration of St. John the Baptist, Carignan City Hall, June 17;
2009 “Mille mots en images” [“A thousand words in images”], City Hall, St-Constant.
2015 Poetic biography: “Montserrat – initiateur de changements” [“Montserrat – change initiator”], Éditions Belle Feuille, July 2015, ISBN for printed version: 978-2-924530-29-0; ISBN for the digital version: 978-2-924530-30-6.
2015 “Mille mots en images – Sur les traces de…” [“A thousand words in images – In the footsteps of…”];
2014 “Mille mots en images – Impétueuse nature” [“A thousand words in images – Impetuous nature”], AVR, poems: “Dragon à l’œuvre” and “Soir d’hiver” [“Dragon at work” and “Winter evening”], ISBN 978-29811366-4-0, September;
2014 “Mille mots en images – Plaisirs éphémères” [“A thousand words in images – Ephemeral pleasures”], AVR, poems: “Ondes” and “Concerto éphémère” [“Waves” and “Ephemeral concerto”], ISBN 978-29811366-3-3, February;
2014 “Quand la poésie épouse l’art – Illusions décolorées” [“When poetry meets art – Discolored illusions”], ISBN 978-2-9813546-2-4, South Durham in May; Vaudreuil on September 13;
2013 “La traversée” [“The crossing”], CPM, ISBN 978-2-9813346-1-9, Third quarter;
2013 Agenda d’Art “Plumes et Pinceaux” [“Pen and Brushes Agenda”], page of February 11;
2013 “Ma Galerie de poche” Art Agenda [“My Pocket Gallery”], page of December 30;
2011 “Mille mots en images – Contes et légendes” [“A thousand words in images – Tales and Legends”], ISBN 978-2-9811366-2-6, “Les beaux danseurs” [“The beautiful dancers”] p. 6, “L’hadal abysse” [“The hadal abyss”] p.26, “L’ire de la mer” [“The wrath of the sea”] p.28;
2010 “Mille mots en images – Réflexion” [“A thousand words in images – Reflection”], ISBN 978-2-9811366-1-9, poems: “L’arbre de vie” [“The tree of life”] p.32, “L’ultime combat” [“The ultimate battle”] p.42;
2009 “Mille mots en images –Quartz” [“A thousand words in images – Quartz”], ISBN 978-2-9811366-0-2, poems: “L’attente” [“The waiting”] p.29, “Le Chaman” [“The Shaman”] p.33, “Bourrasque printanière” [“The spring gust”] p.59.
2011 I read this poem before the parliamentary guests at the Salon of the Speaker of the House of Commons in Ottawa, approximately fifty, on March 8, 2011, where we celebrated Women’s Day. On this day, I was invited by Alexandra Mendès MP, to exhibit the Collective “Jamais je n’oublierai le 6 décembre 1989” [“I will never forget December 6, 1989”], a 5′ x 8′ mural painting, a project I conducted in 2000 with the collaboration of the personnel and students of École Polytechnique de Montréal to commemorate and pay tribute to the victims of this sad tragedy.
2009 “Amies, sœurs, femmes” [“Friends, sisters, wives”]. Poem read by Céline Lemire-Mercier during the ceremony held at the Notre-Dame church in Montreal to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the tragedy that occurred December 6, 1989 at Polytechnique;