Artistic CV

“It was with my grandmother, a seamstress, that I experimented with drawing, on the same blackboard where she drew the models for her clients. On a stormy day, held in the convent, influenced by the artistic performance of a friend, painting captivated me. Therefore, it was impossible to escape this grip. Since 1984, always in search of truth, I join a group of painters, who like me, worked according to the gestural approach. This approach of Brother Jerome, promotes the emergence of intuition and creativity by going to the discovery of the inner self, letting emotions pass through the gesture, without preconceived intention of form or color, resulting in nothing else than self-expression. In this way, it is easy to make oneself available to welcome the creator inside, to discover interiority and creativity. The canvas then becomes a place of exploration.”
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Claudette Poirier was born in Saint-Étienne de Beauharnois. It was through a drawing competition in the schools of Beauharnois that her talent as an artist was confirmed. She pursued a career at École Polytechnique de Montréal as an administrative assistant, while devoting herself part-time to her passion. In 1984, she joined a group of painters who practiced in the wake of the workshops of Brother Jérôme, a leading figure in abstract in Quebec, automation, freedom as a pursuit of self. In 1989, she made her first solo. In 1999, she devoted herself entirely to her art.

Since 1995, Claudette Poirier has been involved in the Boards of Directors of the various groups of artists to which she has belonged, as a founding member, secretary, vice-president, and president.

Her works have been seen in Quebec and internationally, during symposiums, solo or collective exhibitions with or without selection jury.

She is a member of RAAV, Culture Montérégie and Cercle des poètes de la Montérégie.

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2017 Design and production of a 5′ 7” sculpture, « Eugénia », Coaticook, July;
2016 Coaticook Artist’s Residency, project: Métier d’art, peinture et littérature, from July 21 to November 3;
2015, 2013 Writing workshop, Francine Ruel, 40 hours;
2014 The late works of the great painters, Maryse Chevrette, 25 hours;
2013 Significance and hidden meanings of the work of art, Maryse Chevrette, 15 hours;
2012 “Autopsies of masterpieces” Class, Maryse Chevrette, 30 hours;
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Since 1985, my works have been seen in exhibitions and symposia throughout Quebec and internationally.
2018 Monastir, Monastir Cultural Complex, Tunisia, June 28;
2011 Cannes, Palais des Festivals, Artists of the World, July 18-24;
2011 Vittel, Art’East, France, 29th International Exhibition of Painting and Sculpture, July 9-18;
2011 New York, Ward-Nasse Gallery, May;
2010 Carrousel du Louvre, SNBA Société Nationale des Beaux-Arts, Canadian Delegation, Paris, December 16-19
2005 International Artist Exhibit exchange: Limoges, Tulles, Guéret, Paris, April-May;
2005 Art&Miss gallery, Paris, ‘Printemps québécois, 2e édition’, France, Europe;
2002 Galeria de arte SALA BARNA – Barcelone, Espagne, Europe.
2022 « Poèmes à la carte », Françoise-Maurice Library, Coaticook, April-May-June;
2016 Artist’s residency, Coaticook, October 28-30, 2016;
2015 Galerie La Seigneurie, Châteauguay Cultural Center, July 2-30;
2014 « Jamais je n’oublierai le 6 décembre 1989 » Cercle des poètes de la Montérégie;
2012 Vaisseau d’Or Library, Saint-Philippe, December 5-20;
2010 St. Pierre Center, Montreal, December;
2010 House of Commons on Parliament Hill, “In celebration of International Women’s Day”, Ottawa, Canada.
2021 Boréart Galery, exhibition of works and poems, MMEI 2020 « Méditation poétique sur les pierres sauvages », June 2-27, ISBN : 978-2-9813346-5-7;
2020 Fall show, MBAMSH, theme ‘Confinement’, November 16-21;
2020 Musée Beaulne, Coatic’Art, Annual Exhibition, July 12 to September 6;
2020 Route des arts, AAVGC, Manoir d’Youville, from September 25 to October 25;
2020 Villa Marguerite, AAVGC, September 19-20-26-27;
2020 Musée Le Pailleur, Châteauguay, « Mémoires de femmes », from March 8, interrupted due to the pandemic on April 6; resumption of the exhibition June 19 to August 16;
2019 Competition Expo, Musée Mont-Saint-Hilaire, theme ‘Light’, October 17 to November 24;
2019 Competition Expo La Prairie, Centre multifonctionnel Guy-Dupré, November 8 to 13;
2019 Competition Expo, Painters Selection, Longueuil, September 27 to October 6;
2019 Journées de la Culture, AAVGC, Centre Hébergement Champlain, September 27-29;
2019 Journées de la Culture, Collectif Prism’art, theme « Bâtir des liens, créer des ponts », Centre Municipal Aimé-Guérin, Sainte-Catherine, September 24-26;
2019 Collectif Prism’Art, Miss Rey Galery, theme « La portée du geste », September 5-15;
2019 AAVGC, Manoir d’Youville, Île Saint-Bernard, Châteauguay, June to September; life-size textile sculpture of « Eugénia »
2019 AAVGC, Bistro La Trappe, June 2019 to September 2020;
2019 La Prairie Historical Society, exhibition of works published in Stéphane Tremblay’s book entitled « Les familles pionnières de la Seigneurie de La Prairie, de 1667-1687 », June 6 to September 30;
2019 ‘Small sizes’ exhibition, Maison Melançon, for the benefit of the Hélène-Sentenne Foundation, June 1st to August 25;
2019 « Petits formats, grand cœur », Guy-Dupré Multifunctional Center, LaPrairie, March 20 to April 14 for the benefit of Complexe Le Partage;
2019-18 Travelling exhibition of the work « Filles à marier », lectures by Stéphane Tremblay, Candiac, Châteauguay Library;
2019-16 Expo Small sizes – big heart, Guy-Dupré Multifunctional Center, La Prairie, March 22 to April 15;
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N. B. : Complete list of exhibitions on request
Workshop of the artist, Candiac (Quebec);
Galerie Vand’Art, 5800 Grande Allée, St-Hubert (Quebec), April 2008-2015;
Maison Richelieu, St-Marc-sur-Richelieu (Quebec), June 2005-2012;
Artothèque, Montreal (Quebec), August 2004-2007;
Atelier MichL Gallery, Baie-Saint-Paul (Quebec), Dec. 2003-2007;
Vanier Gallery, Beloeil (Quebec), 2002-2004;
V.I.P. Center, 1000 de la Gauchetière, Montreal (Quebec), 2001-2003;
Small Gallery at Baie St-Paul Bay Art Center, Baie-Saint-Paul (Quebec), 1998-2002;
Nicole Deschênes Gallery, Port-au-Persil, Charlevoix (Quebec), 1996-1999;
Galerie Denise Goulet-Raymond, Orford (Quebec), 1995.
Monastir City;
Monastir City;
Coaticook City;
Delson City;
Caisse Populaire Desjardins Mercier;
Loggia II and Loggia on the lake, Nuns’ Island, Verdun, Quebec, Canada;
Polytechnique, University of Montreal;
Charles Sirois, offered by Polytechnique;
Collective « Cœurs à cœurs » SEVA, Candiac.
2021-2011 Cercle des poètes de la Montérégie;
2019-2015 Collective Prism’Art;
2019-2011 Ward-Nasse Gallery, New York;
2019-2002 Culture Montérégie, formerly (CMCC);
2019-2001 RAAV, professional artist
2018-2007 Arts visuels Roussillon, dissolved in November 2018;
2012-2011 Com2Art, International Association, Paris
2009-1996 AAPARS, Association of South Shore Affiliated Painters.
2021-2020 Board of Directors of Cercle des Poètes de la Montérégie (Vice-President and Secretary);
2018-2007 Member of Arts visuels Roussillon (AvR), I held all positions on the Board of this organization including that of President from 2009 to 2012;
2003-1999 Artishow Group, I cumulated the position of founding member and administrative secretary;
2000-1996 Secretary of the Association of South Shore Affiliated Painters (AAPARS).
2000-1999 Collective projects initiated by « Les Productions Cité Ouverte 2002 »:

  • Mural, 40th anniversary of the ‘Declaration of the Rights of the Child’ and 10th anniversary of the ‘Convention on the Rights of the Child’;
  • Design of a mural, created collectively to commemorate the 10th anniversary of the death of Polytechnique’s victims;
2019 SEVA, design and realization of ‘Hearts to Hearts’ with residents.
2015 Poetic biography entitled « Montserrat, initiateur de changements », Éditions Belle Feuille, July, ISBN 978-2-924530-29-0;
Collective publications: Éditions mp tresart; « Plumes et Pinceaux » diary; exhibition catalogues, Covers of 5 books published by Éditions Gaëtan Morin;
« Mille mots en images » (MMEI) I initiated and managed this project within AvR, for 7 publications. In 2021, the 8th edition was published, this time with the Poètes de la Montérégie.
2011 Tribute by Carole Freeman, Member of Parliament, Ottawa;
2010 March 8, Women’s Day, President’s Salon, House of Commons.